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Nature’s Echo Nature’s Echo

Nature’s Echo

With magnificent scenic beauty, relaxation, and amusement all in one place,
Treat Resort Silvassa that is spread across 24 acres.

Calm Tides & Cool Vibes Calm Tides & Cool Vibes

Calm Tides & Cool Vibes

Nested 500m away from the exuberant Bordi beach, Treat Beach Resort & Spa Gholvad is a
luxury boutique resort that has the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Lush Greenery & <br> Riverfront Scenery Lush Greenery & <br> Riverfront Scenery

Lush Greenery &
Riverfront Scenery

A space that Treats your senses in the cool setting of the panoramic Daman Ganga river
and offers a serene experience with a blend of nature, culture and history.

Escape The Ordinary Escape The Ordinary

Escape The Ordinary

Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and
the winds long to play with your hair.

Embrace the Luxe Experience Embrace the Luxe Experience

Embrace the Luxe Experience

Introducing Premium Room with Pool for a splendid stay.
Get Private Pool with a cluster of 6 rooms at Treat Resort, Silvassa.

About Treat

Quote Where better than ‘Nature’s Playground’ to let go and discover- in natural environments
that are true, human, simple and, crafted. In a playful atmosphere
that is cool, vibrant, casual and sociable.

Treat redefines space and luxury with its tranquil atmosphere. In the meadow
of luxury, TREAT RESORTS serves you a happy and fulfilling stay!

For Reservations, please call us at

For Treat Resort Silvassa - +91 9615791579

For Treat Beach Resort & Spa Gholvad- +91 9615971597

For Ras Resort by Treat - +91 9873776477


Our Resorts


Treat Resort SILVASSA

TREAT RESORT SILVASSA; a treat to your senses, a beautiful blend of leisure and luxury, the best of amenities and an expanse of 193 rooms that add up to a soothing vacation. Filled with amazing scenic beauty, comfort, relaxation, amusement, and fun all at one place. A staycation with a twist of dream wedding destination, event destination, and the best-suited space for corporate groups and film shoots!


Treat Beach Resort & SPA Gholvad

TREAT RESORT GHOLVAD; nested at the exuberant beach, this resort has the perfect setting for relaxation and rejuvenation that has an outstanding accommodation capacity of 93 rooms. Slide into the waves of comfort with your family, a perfect getaway for your weekend with tranquil nature to showcase, both the entourage and beauty of the magnificent city with its stunning seaside settings.


Ras Resort By Treat

RAS RESORT BY TREAT is situated in Silvassa on the banks of the Daman Ganga river in the meadows of the greens. Relish the joy of discovery & live in the serene surroundings of Ras Resorts with an abundance of nature and comfort with the vastness of 86 rooms for your comfort. A staycation on the banks of the majestic river, where tranquility meets the ancient narratives. Relive the history and culture of Silvassa through museums, temples and discover a new side of vacation.


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