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The Treat Safety <br>Assurance The Treat Safety <br>Assurance

We have adapted ourselves into the New Normal. Therefore, you will benefit from “Treat Assured Safety” as we apply new protocols of service & sanitation. This is to ensure a high level of safety & hygiene for our guests as well as our employees. Both our resorts have elevated the existing standards of safety and hygiene through Treat Assured Care for a better experience.

  • Only Asymptomatic guests will be allowed.
  • Timely thermal checks at the entrance, reception and the lobby.
  • It is mandatory for the guests to download Arogya Setu App at the time of arrival.
  • Use of face masks in necessary for the guests throughout the stay.
  • Use of sanitization stations is necessary for the guests.
  • Staff follows all the sanitization precautions by wearing masks, hand gloves and maintaining safe distance from the guests.
  • All rooms are pre-sanitized by undertaking sanitization process with gloves, masks, etc as per the SOP laid down.